More About Me

Passion for Real Estate

I've been intrigued with real estate since watching my grandfather take care of his rental properties during my childhood Wisconsin summers. He was a teacher by trade, but a savy real estate investor as well. I began my real estate career as an appraiser in 2003. I love crunching the numbers and translating real estate stats into real life terms that make sense to investors. I've watched the Las Vegas real estate market evolve into its current state of cash flow opportunity similar to what my grandfather had when I was growing up. This opportunity prompted me to start offerring property management services that focus on helping clients acheive their goals.

Why Choose Phillip Dwyer?

Not only do I answer my phone and emails, but I do so with professionalism. Communication is key in real estate and property management. I keep all parties in the loop with consistent communication. I'm available to answer your questions, and if I don't know the answer, I'll be upfront.